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Fair Haven Moving Companies Answers Your Questions

If you have questions about moving, it is time that you receive the answers you seek. Below, you will find our FAQs. These questions are some of the most common ones we receive here in our office. If you have any additional questions after looking through this page, call our office at 732-582-4054.

Is you company licensed and insured?

Yes. Fair Haven Moving Companies is fully licensed and insured for your protection. If you would like to receive our license number and a copy of our insurance, call our office today. We are always happy to share the details that our customers need.

How will you keep my personal items safe?

Fair Haven Moving Companies works hard to make sure that your items are always protected and safe. Each one of our team members will handle your furniture with the utmost care and respect. We place your belongings onto our moving truck in the safest manner and will secure them in place when we need to. Keep in mind, we do all of the heavy lifting for you, too.

What is the difference between a local, long distance, and interstate move?

The types of moves that are available can be confusing at times. A local move is often 50 miles or less from your current location. These moves are done in a single day.

A long distance move is one that is over 50 miles from your location and may or may not require your movers to stay in a hotel room.

Interstate moves are those moves that go over state lines. Therefore, if you live in New Jersey and you want to move to Nevada or Colorado, it would be considered an interstate move.

Do you have a list of prohibited items?

Yes. There are some items that we do not permit you to put on the moving truck and our movers will not move these items for you. It is for both your protection and theirs. While we cannot list every prohibited item here, you can call our office today to receive a copy of the items we do not allow. As an example, we will not move abrasives or cleaners, flammable items, or live plants.

Is there a minimum size move for you to help me?

No. Fair Haven Moving Companies is committed to helping you make your move no matter where you plan to move to. Even if you are moving across the street, we will help you do it.

Can you move my fish aquarium?

Yes. We can move a fish tank or aquarium for you. We do ask that you call our office and let us know that you will need this item moved, so we can plan accordingly. In addition, we do ask that you remove the fish from the water and place them in a safe bag. Lastly, the aquarium cannot be moved with water in it, so it will need to be empty.